Aspen’s twisted values |

Aspen’s twisted values

Dear Editor:

What’s with the justice system in Aspen – going after a taxi driver and yoga instructors while Rupert Murdoch, Kenneth Law, the Koch brothers and their kind are untouchable?

This discrepancy provides further proof that if you have enough money you can get away with anything. The miners and ranchers who settled this area would turn over in their graves.

Everyday I am more thankful for the moral compass handed down to me by my pioneer mining family, who helped settle this area and helped create the American middle class. Greed amassing a fortune, screwing the little guy and taking out the middle class are values and behaviors 180 degrees opposite the values of this valley’s founding families.

Aspen has become hardly a model for democracy. Too bad for future generations.

Joe Krizmanich

Glenwood Springs

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