Aspen’s truck stop |

Aspen’s truck stop

Dear Editor:There was a recent article that spoke of how the city was cracking down on excessive idling. Well, here is my challenge to those who are part of this task force: I live over by Koch Park, where it has turned into a truck stop. A truck stop where dump trucks, cement trucks will gather in large numbers, all of them idling their engines with no care for the environment or the people who have to live in this diesel-concentrated air.I don’t mind if trucks and buses want to park there, but they need to turn their engines off and not sit idling for 35-plus minutes. The truck stop usually opens at around 6:45 a.m., making my early mornings very memorable, especially in the summer when I have my windows open. I have given up reporting excessive idling to the police because once they have a chance to respond to this nonemergency; the trucks are usually gone.I don’t expect this problem to be resolved completely, but my challenge is to see a drastic reduction in this illegal truck stop operation. After all, those who live by Koch Park did not choose to live here because of a truck stop. Alexander SetzlerAspen


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