Aspen’s powder days put all that gym work to shame

Aspen-Snowmass has been blessed with a barrage of powder in the past two weeks.

According to Aspen Skiing Co., Aspen Mountain has been on the receiving end of 24 inches of fresh snow in the past seven days.

Like many other Aspenites, I hit the slopes hard, soaking up every snowflake and muscle-burning lap that I possible could while still trying to be responsible and actually go into the office to get some work done, of course.

While reveling in all the fresh snow, I also was enjoying the intense workout that only a powder day can bring.

Aspen (and many of its residents) prides itself on being a fit town. And although I buy into that and do my fair share of working out, I have found that no matter how many early-morning hours you put in at the gym, how often you attend a group workout class or much you sweat it out in a hot yoga class, you’re never as prepared as you think you are for the first intense powder day of the year.

By Saturday, after two days of deep-snow skiing, I went to Aspen Highlands, thinking I might find some fresh stashes on my favorite mountain. But after my first run in the Temerity area, the only thing I could think about was how bad I was skiing and that my legs needed a break.

I was worried I might be the only one who needed to take a ski break, but I found that I was in good company when standing in the long line that greeted me at the bottom of my poorly skied run. (Seriously, if you saw me on that run I am sorry for insulting your eyes with my horrible attempt at getting my brain and legs to connect.)

Some friends I was chatting with also expressed how wiped out they felt after a run, granted their run was the Highland Bowl, levels above the run I had just done.

One friend said how she came into the recent powder days confident that she would be able to crush since she had been consistently sweating her butt off in spin classes. However, like me, she quickly realized how no class could emulate the workout you get skiing through powder.

Perhaps I haven’t found the right workout yet, but I think I’m OK with that. I’m content to wait for powder days to feel that distinctive burn in my legs that reminds me why I live here and how I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Rose Laudicina is the digital editor at The Aspen Times.