Aspen’s loss, Basalt’s gain |

Aspen’s loss, Basalt’s gain

Basalt is extremely fortunate to have Mr. Bill Efting take over the position of city manager.

In my view, the city of Aspen made a serious error when Mr. Efting was passed over for the city manager’s position, while he was serving as assistant city manager. Bill Efting was an outstanding manager who was always available to listen to residents’ problems and complaints.

The recent Aspen Times story regarding Mr. Efting’s appointment in Basalt, dated Jan. 7, mentioned a story the Times once did regarding a disgruntled citizen who, after shoveling heavy snow from his “driveway” (it wasn’t a driveway, but 160 feet of walkway), discovered a short time later, much to his complete dismay, that the city snowplow had pushed heavy ice back onto it.

That citizen was yours truly. In frustration, I called Mr. Efting’s office, and he told me not to worry, “We’ll have someone take care of it.” Twenty minutes later, Mr. Efting, along with Streets Department Manager Mr. Jack Reid, appeared with their shovels and proceeded to clear my walk.

I was so impressed, I wrote a letter to the editor praising Mr. Efting and Mr. Reid for their personal assistance, and stated that in no place but Aspen would this take place. Of course, that was some 15 years ago and times have changed.

W. R. Adam Walton



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