Aspen’s Katie Fry to head pro demonstration teams |

Aspen’s Katie Fry to head pro demonstration teams

Jennifer Davoren
Aspen Times Staff Writer

An Aspen ski instructor has been named manager of the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors demonstration teams.

Katie Fry, 35, will become the first woman to hold the management position for the PSIA and AASI, the nation’s top certification organizations for ski and snowboard instructors. She will also remain in her current position as manager of the Aspen Highlands Ski and Snowboard School.

Fry has been skiing since 1971 and instructing since 1987, when she first joined the Ski and Snowboard School of Aspen. She has competed in the U.S. National Nor-Am Series, the World Technical Championships and three 24 Hours of Aspen endurance races. She’s even appeared on several ESPN programs – as well as the 1993 classic “Aspen Extreme.”

A PSIA member for the last eight seasons, Fry will now be responsible for three demonstration teams for the organizations: the PSIA Alpine, PSIA Nordic and AASI Snowboard teams. These teams are responsible for the development, review and delivery of educational programs to its 30,000 members around the country.

Fry will work with the coaches of these three teams to develop a leadership and education philosophy for the organizations. She will also serve as liaison with ski equipment manufacturers and sponsors to secure gear for the groups.

She will continue to work directly with ski and snowboard instructors as she has for the last eight years, but at larger PSIA/AASI events such as their national academy at Snowbird, Utah.

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“Katie has all the tools for developing a cohesive approach to contemporary snowsports teaching among our teams,” said Stephen Over, executive director of the PSIA and AASI. “Not only is she an experienced team member and a long-time instructor, but she also has a strong sense of the role of teachers in today’s snowsports industry and the importance of supporting the industry’s growth initiatives.”

Fry’s four-year term as team manager begins in May 2004. However, Fry could be on skis as early as next month when team training and coach selection begins.

“I’m excited and nervous,” Fry laughs. “There’s a big learning curve ahead of me, but there’s a lot of great people I’m going to work with and be supported by.”

Fry is one of four local members of the PSIA and AASI. She, along with Aspen ski instructors Charlie MacArthur, Jim Schanzenbaker and Megan Harvey – Fry’s twin sister – make up the largest group of representatives from a single resort on the teams.

Aspen’s affiliation with these groups actually dates back to the early ’60s, Fry said.

“We have a good legacy in this town,” she said.