Aspen’s Hotel Jerome submits expansion plans

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times

Hotel Jerome representatives have submitted redevelopment plans that call for a partial, fourth-story addition to the existing hotel and a new three-story structure behind the historic Aspen Times storefront, which would net the property 32 additional lodging pillows.

Plans submitted Sept. 5 by Jerome Property, LLC call for a three-story structure to replace all non-historic portions of 310 E. Main St., where The Aspen Times was located for more than 100 years before relocating to the Mother Lode building on Hyman Avenue in 2013.

At ground level on 310 E. Main St., a small retail space would face the sidewalk while the hotel’s fitness amenities would be relocated to that floor. The second and third stories would each contain a pair of two-bedroom lodge suites and a pair of one-bedroom lodge suites. The proposed addition is about 34 feet tall, while the existing storefront is measured at about 21.5 feet.

According to plans, the second and third stories would be set back “to preserve the scale and character” of the historic storefront.

Plans for a partial, fourth-story addition to the hotel’s three-story “west wing” would give way to two 1,900-square-foot three-bedroom suites, each with access to its own lockout bedroom, and three 800-square-foot one-bedroom units. The maximum height of the west wing addition, as measured from Mill and Bleeker streets, is 54 feet. Additionally, the three-bedroom suites as planned are beyond the commercial core zone district’s allowance of 1,500 square feet and would require a variance.

By relocating the hotel’s existing fitness area onto The Aspen Times lot, it frees up room for a 1,000-square-foot, one-bedroom lodge unit. According to the application, the project would boost the hotel’s total number of lodge units from 93 to 103, upping the total number of pillows from 186 to 218.

Plans also would require the removal of 16 trees, including various aspens and five large evergreen trees. Arborist Jason Jones has deemed their removal appropriate, according to the application, and the hotel plans to make a cash-in-lieu payment equal to the value of the trees.

The expansion will be subject to review by both the Historic Preservation Commission and the Aspen City Council. Consultant Vann Associates and architectural firm Rowland+Broughton are working with the hotel owners on the project. Neither could be reached for comment.

Investors from 310 East Main Street Ventures, a limited liability company, in partnership with the Hotel Jerome, took ownership of the historic Times building for $3.2 million in August 2012.


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