Aspen’s fading stars |

Aspen’s fading stars

Dear Editor:

How good it is to see evidence Aspen Times columnist Mrs. Meredith C. Carroll makes the tectonic shift over to my university sociological education side about the upper class, power elites, ruling classes, power, status and wealth as she formulates her embryonic thoughts about celebrities that chase after the real upper class members, royalty and nobility for high status association and relationships (“The fading status of Glamour Gulch,” Aspen Times, Sept. 15).

Perhaps Mrs. Carroll read one of my published letters in The Aspen Times, which pointed out that Aspen is not on the social register.

Thus to quote two paragraphs from my published letter (“Aspen not on ‘Social Register,'” Emzy Veazy III, Letter to the Editor, Aspen Times, Jan. 1, 2004): Whenever needed in social intercourse in Aspen, I let the many know that Aspen is not on the “Social Register” radar screen and that the rich as a group are a small finite number. Mr. [Eben] Harrell [Aspen Times reporter] while at Prada was not amongst America’s oligarchy of power, prestige and wealth that rules. The mere highlighting of Kristen Davis of “Sex and the City” proves my point.

Mrs. Carroll now becomes aware movie star Humphrey Bogart was social register, not the likes of Mariah Carey (who snubs the workers of color laboring in her presence for I have had complaints about her bad manners toward them) or Melanie Griffith (whose mother Tippy Hedrin I have met through a mutual friend and hung with at The Mayflower Club in North Hollywood) or Oprah Winfrey.

In closing because of “Tinsel Town” (Hollywood, Calif.) and the glitteratti Aspen has been called “Glitter Gulch” more than “Glamour Gulch.”

Aspen and a Las Vegas (Nevada) city section are both called by the press “Glitter Gulch.” Only Aspen misses out on the sex, money and neon light fast track hustling partying lifestyle that Las Vegas has.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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