Aspen’s egomaniac |

Aspen’s egomaniac

Dear Editor:

Dearest darling Roger, if you could take that silver spoon out of your ears and listen up, Skip. Your ego has been writing checks for years, and it should be obvious that you have been beaten down here in this little spat. Just let it go and try to get out in public without making an ass out of yourself.

I’ve got a golden retriever called Stella who can ski with you anytime, anyplace. Why don’t you just let it go and study up on things you think you are good at? Get out your pen and paper, look in the mirror, and then draw what many people see: someone whose ego has been masking his talents since you joined the paper. You wanna hike? Take one … please.

Ski school meets in the morning

after coffee. We will be on the hill

long before you ever get your ass out of bed.

This letter serves notice and reminder that your circle of friends is greatly overshadowed by the size of Times readership. Go out and thank the public instead of campaigning your ego. Everybody knows you are the best.

Mark Campion



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