Aspen’s ‘character’ at stake

Dear Editor:

As a citizen who is concerned about the City Council’s approval of the art museum project, I was disappointed to hear that a lawsuit challenging council’s approval could not be filed solely against the council. The suit had to include the developers and the art museum. Since the suit was not seeking to gain anything but a reconsideration, under the code of the art museum’s application, the financial responsibility and possible liability were too great for an “affected” landowner to bear; therefore the suit was not filed.

Consequently pressure needs to be brought to bear on council by a critical mass of numbers of people asking for reconsideration. We have collected more than 500 signatures protesting council’s approval of the proposed art museum. New supporters add to our ranks every day … if you feel, as we do, that this approval without review should be reconsidered and any attempt to obtain a demolition permit for this site be stopped immediately, please contact us at “Saving Aspen’s Character,”

Thanks for thinking about this issue.

Richie Cohen



Aspen City Council puts breaks on Old Powerhouse Preservation Project

With many lingering questions still surrounding the fate of Aspen’s historic Old Powerhouse, City Council decided during Monday’s work session to hold off on providing staff direction on moving the preservation project forward until more information can be presented.

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