Aspen’s Cannabis Crown to feature lectures, live music |

Aspen’s Cannabis Crown to feature lectures, live music

Andre Salvail
The Aspen Times
Aspen CO Colorado
cannabiscrown.comLast year's Cannabis Crown in Aspen put strains of marijuana in the spotlight. This year's event will take a broader approach, emphasizing education about medicinal pot.

ASPEN – Those expecting the second annual Cannabis Crown to be a free-wheeling toke fest could end up a bit disappointed this year, with planners saying the Aspen event will emphasize education about medical marijuana’s benefits and recent legislation aimed at stifling the industry.

Organizer Bobby Scurlock also said that plans for a room where different strains of medicine could be smoked and sampled have been scrapped so that law enforcement and others in the community will be comfortable that the event has a serious side and isn’t just an excuse for thousands of people to roam city streets with a buzz.

“We want to stay within the Aspen guidelines and bring quality to the city,” Scurlock said. “We’ll have a lot of informational and political speakers each night at the Wheeler Opera House. We’ll also have 40 or 50 vendors with booths set up outdoors at the downtown ice rink, behind large curtains, providing information about new policies for patients and medical marijuana products.”

The April 29 to May 1 event also will have a fun side, with comedy shows at the Wheeler and live music and DJs at the Hunter Bar and Limelight Lodge. A Pink Floyd cover band, Mad Mike and the Smoking Js, White Boy Schwasted and DJ FXP from Blunt Radio are just a few of the acts planned for the event’s Friday and Saturday nights on April 29-30.

As with last year’s inaugural event, there will be contests in which dozens of strains of medicinal marijuana will be judged for potency, smell, usability and other factors. Holders of 100 “golden tickets” – the VIPs of the Cannabis Crown – will get to judge one of the contests for a people’s choice award.

The other contest will rely on a laboratory, Herbal Synergy, to determine the strains with the highest levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Then a small panel will take those top strains and evaluate them further for smell, taste and other aspects of the product to choose a second award winner.

The contest is educational, Scurlock said, providing patients with information on the most effective medicines. As with the sampling room, plans to have separate contests for marijuana’s sativa and indica categories also were scrapped. “We haven’t taken it to that level yet,” he said. The deadline to enter a commercial product in the contests is Tuesday.

The event is being organized and operated by Scurlock’s Crown Productions, High Country Caregivers of Glenwood Springs and others who prefer to be anonymous.

Last year, an estimated 2,800-3,200 attended the first-year event. “I’m hoping to double that,” Scurlock said. “I’ve given away over 2,000 tickets this year for general admission.” Last year, there was a small charge for general admission tickets.

Headquarters will be Aspen’s Sky Hotel, where Scurlock said most rooms that weekend have been reserved. He is also working with Aspen Skiing Co. to arrange rooms at the Limelight Lodge. Other hotels in the area likely will be offering special rates for attendees, he said.

A small number of “golden tickets” at $500 each are available. Only 100 will be printed and at least three-quarters of those are already accounted for. Golden tickets are complementary for those who book a room at the Sky Hotel for the weekend, Scurlock said. One must be a medical marijuana patient to purchase or receive a golden ticket. Other treats, such as a gift bag with various sponsor and vendor products – but not medicinal products – will accompany the special ticket.

Any registered patients receiving samples of medicine must use them within their own environs, not out in public or the nonsmoking rooms of area lodging facilities, Scurlock said.

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