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Aspen’s Best – Other

Aspen Times writer
Paul Conrad/Aspen Times Weekly file

There have been drug busts and court cases. There was the relief effort for the hurricane-ravaged town of Pearlington, Miss. Feet upon feet of powder fell on our local ski mountains, and residents pitched political fits over growth and development. The X Games invaded Buttermilk, and Fat Boy was kidnapped from the Cooking School of Aspen. The Aspen Times even turned 125 – which, believe it or not, took third place in this category.But, like the rest of the country, Aspenites love their celebrity scandals and they voted Pascal Bensimon the best news story of the year. The hired hairdresser who ran off with Kevin Costner’s laptop computer – and performed his community service by doing hair out at the senior center – was Aspen’s biggest story.Guess this means we can leave the City Council alone …

There are many things to love about Aspen, and the list is familiar to everyone who lives here: Mountains, beauty, skiing, culture, good food, offseason. But all of those accouterments wouldn’t add up to a hill of salt pellets if it weren’t for the people. Aspenites like their home, and they like each other even more.So here’s to us. Here’s to the locals.(We should note that, if we add together the ballots cast for “mountains,” “beauty” and “outdoors,” then we’d have a different winner. But that was too much new math for us.)

This was really no contest. “Summer day” got a few votes, as did “hangover.” But powder is to a ski town what big waves are to a surf town. All bets are off on a powder day.Really this is just an excuse for us to run a sweet powder picture in the newspaper during summertime. Makes you wish for ski season, doesn’t it?

We expected more competition in this category, given Aspen’s array of special events. But Jazz Aspen Snowmass garnered more than double the votes of any other event in this contest. The Aspen Music Festival was a distant second; the X Games and the Food and Wine Magazine Classic tied for third.The list of vote-getters was long – World Cup skiing, Wintersköl, Ruggerfest, Ducky Derby, Snowmass Thursday concerts, the Aspen Saturday Market – but the big names and big sounds of the JAS concerts were the clear and undeniable favorite. We know we’ll be out in Snowmass Village this weekend, bouncing to the smorgasbord of sound, and chances are we’ll be there in Rio Grande Park next June as well.Congratulations and thanks to JAS.

This one, too, was a bit of a surprise. We never heard a peep of complaint about the old Silver Queen Gondola cabins, and we never heard a chorus of celebration when the new cabins debuted in July. But judging from the results of this contest, Aspenites like the shiny new gondola cars, in which the seats face each other rather than facing outward from the middle of the car.We can’t help wondering if the Silver Queen’s victory in this category has anything to do with its first-place finish in the “Best place to ‘shag'” category …Whatever the case, it looks like the Skico made the right choice.Other vote-getters in this category included the new bus lane on Main Street, Deep Temerity at Aspen Highlands, the Benedict Music Tent (not exactly new), the Rio Grande Skate Park (also not new), the Aspen Recreation Center (well, it’s newer than the skate park , Obermeyer Place development, the reopening of the Rio Grande Trail and the tables on the pedestrian malls. One voter said the recall of District Attorney Colleen Truden.