Aspen’s Best 2008 |

Aspen’s Best 2008

Everybody in Aspen has an opinion, and this is the occasion when we hand the reins to readers to tell us their opinions about Aspen’s Best ” people, places, food and drink, outdoor spots, indoor spots and miscellaneous other stuff.

As we always do, we printed full-page Aspen’s Best ballots in the newspaper for two weeks in December, and several dozen people returned the ballots to our front office. In addition this year, we posted an online ballot that another 119 readers filled out and submitted.

The results are far from scientific, we know. But the votes do represent a valid cross-section of Aspenites. To those whose favorite person, restaurant or ski run didn’t win … well, you snooze you lose. Next year, fill out a ballot!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this highly informal poll. We promised to randomly select two Aspen’s Best participants to receive $100 gift certificates redeemable at a fine local restaurant, and Brooks Bryant and Jason Taets are our lucky winners. They’ve been notified about their gift certificates at Jimmy’s restaurant, and may have even enjoyed a nice dinner by now. Congratulations, Brooks and Jason!

In the end, this whole exercise has more to do with fun than facts. So go to to read on, and bring along your sense of humor.

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