Aspen’s 2004 Newsmaker of the Year |

Aspen’s 2004 Newsmaker of the Year

In early December, the editorial staff of The Aspen Times decided to do something that would help put the years news events in perspective, an edition to close 2004 that would look back at some of the big stories. We wanted the focus to be on people and not just events, so we settled on something like Time magazine does every year, but specific to Aspen.Would it be the Man of the Year? No, because a couple of the candidates were women. Person of the Year? Sounded too stale, and besides, one of the biggest stories of the year was about non-humans. We settled on the name Newsmaker of the Year because, after all, were a newspaper.Here are the staffs picks for the faces behind the biggest stories and trends of the year. We cast votes on six or seven newsmakers, and the candidate with the most votes won. The other four vote-getters are the runners-up.Remember, this is not a catalog of Aspens best, brightest, nicest or prettiest. We dont necessarily agree or disagree with these newsmakers. They are simply people (or things) who made news and, through their actions, challenged us to think.We intend for this to be an annual end-of-the-year tradition. Enjoy and read on.