Aspen woman receives unusual DUI citation after riding bike into parked car

A local woman was allegedly driving and texting while drunk when she ran into the back of a car Sunday, causing “significant” damage according to a police report.

Emma Bauer, 30, was cited for DUI and careless driving and transported to jail.

And while that might sound like a common enough Aspen story, Bauer was actually piloting a bicycle with a half-full beer in the water bottle cage — not a car — when she collided with the parked vehicle, the Aspen police report states.

“Bauer had glass in her hair, mouth and in her shoes and plucked shards of glass from her skin at one point,” according to the report by Officer Ryan Turner. “Bauer had visible cuts and bruises on parts of her body that were visible.”

Bauer told Turner she was riding her road bike about 5:40 p.m. and texting when she hit the back of the Subaru Forester parked in the 500 block of East Durant Avenue, according to the report. Turner noticed the Subaru’s back window was shattered and a “large dent/crack” was located on the car’s tailgate when he arrived on scene, the report states.

Bauer appeared intoxicated — blood-shot, watery eyes with a strong odor of alcohol — and admitted to having “a couple of drinks” earlier in the day. She successfully completed at least one roadside sobriety test, though she failed another and refused to take a portable breath-alcohol test, the report states.

A witness who was behind Bauer said he saw her take a drink of a 22-ounce beer and that she was attempting to stow the can back in the bicycle’s water bottle cage when she slammed into the back of the Subaru, Turner said Thursday.

Bauer declined medical treatment before Turner transported her to jail. His report says he decided to charge her with DUI and careless driving based on the amount of damage to the car and her level of intoxication.

“I advised Bauer that she was under arrest but told her that I wasn’t going to place her in handcuffs due to her being friendly and cooperative,” Turner wrote in his report.