Aspen vs. everyone else |

Aspen vs. everyone else

Dear Editor:Jade, as I wrote in response to Kevin Wright’s comments, “If you hate Aspen, so be it. There are legions of you” (letters, Aug. 3).If I picked a small stereotypical segment of Carbondale’s population to represent the whole as you did with Aspen, I guess the next time I see a Hispanic name connected to a crime I should blame your town. I don’t. I wouldn’t. Why? Because I’m smart enough to know what a stereotype is and how damaging it can be. Most people, regardless of ethnicity, are good law abiding citizens, including you and me.Do all the Hummers in the valley have ZG tags? I think not. Are there any million-dollar houses infringing on natural habitat beyond Aspen city limits? I think so. To use one example, do you suppose any creatures were displaced with all the development along Highway 133 between Main Street and Highway 82 over the last five to 10 years? I remember that river bank and those native fields of sage. Does it suck that these houses are popping up everywhere? Of course. It’s a tragedy and even a travesty that this bear was put down, or “murdered” as you phrased it.Point being, don’t stereotype me or mine. To expound on your free unsolicited advice, “I advise you to take a look at the bigger picture.” Your derogatory jab only serves to further inflame the unnecessary antagonism between our communities.Steven WilliamsAspen