Aspen vanity phone no. up for grabs |

Aspen vanity phone no. up for grabs

John Colson
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” If your significant other’s Christmas would not be complete without his or her own vanity 800 number, that chance has arrived.

An online purveyor of toll-free, vanity and “repeater” telephone numbers, “800NetWorks,” is offering the vanity toll-free number, 800-800-ASPEN (well, actually it’s just 800-800-ASPE, since the “N” doesn’t really count) for sale to the highest bidder on the eBay auction site.

The bidding for the number began at $50 on Nov. 12, and jumped to $5,000 the morning of Nov. 19. It took just an hour for two bidders to push the amount to $6,120, and that’s where it still sits. The minimum bid of $6,220 has not been met yet.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, the bidding was still open, and it won’t close until 7:32 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 22.

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