Aspen: Tweet All About It – 8-11-13 |

Aspen: Tweet All About It – 8-11-13


Each week we pick out our favorite and not-so-favorite tweets about Aspen (at least those that are printable) and publish them on Sunday’s page A2. Here’s what we found last week:

• “Everyone in aspen looks like scott disick. Stop draping your sweater over your neck like a cape” — @ChristaHamby

• “After seeing so many awesome dogs today I have decided I will get one when I move into aspen” — @edwardalmighty

• “The trails surrounding #Aspen are in perfect condition & the wildflowers are stunning! Go for a hike or bike ride” — @HotelJerome

• “My new passion! Rock climbing with my boys in Aspen!” — @ChrissieEvert

• “Yikes. Aspen season pass: $1,649. That’s $1,350 more than Greek Peak” — @PSBjeff

• “Cloudy afternoon in #Aspen. Still no excuse to sit around inside.” — @ozskie

• “Girlfriend gave me her credit card in Aspen. Shopping spree??????” — @KaddyShackDaddy

• “Fresh snow on the peaks above aspen! Ski season is just around the corner” —@maxtaam

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