Aspen to add a new bus to its fleet |

Aspen to add a new bus to its fleet

Staff report

Aspen’s bus fleet is adding a new member and losing an old one.

Aspen City Council voted 5-0 on Monday to approve the acquisition of a bus that will cost close to $500,000, with the majority of the expense offset by a state grant.

The city will pay $110,872 toward the expense; $360,000 of it will be paid through a Funding Advancement for Surface Transportation & Economic Recovery grant the city has obtained through the Colorado Department of Transportation.

The 35-foot bus is a “low-floor diesel model that will utilize ultra-low biodiesel fuel. This technology is cleaner, quieter and more reliable than that of the older buses,” reads a memo from city Transportation Director John Krueger to the City Council.

The Gillig-made bus will replace a Neoplan bus that the city bought in 2001 and has racked up more than 500,000 miles. Neoplan was based in Denver and has been out of business for about a decade, “making parts and support for these buses difficult to obtain,” according Krueger’s memo. “It is imperative to replace these buses for continued reliable in-town transit service.”

“This is the fourth new bus we’ll be purchasing,” Krueger told the council. “We already have contracts for the other three.”

The new bus will bring down Aspen fleet’s age average from 13 years old to 6, Krueger said.

“This will be a huge improvement,” he said.


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