Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Boulder Shake Beer Float |

Aspen Times Weekly Libation: Boulder Shake Beer Float

by Jeanne McGovern

Boulder Beer Shake Porter

Chocolate porter ice cream

(Or whatever beer-and-ice-cream combination you can dream up)

I love an ice cream float; it’s a treat in my household when we have them for dessert. But who knew they could also be an adult beverage? In “researching” this week’s cover story on Danielle Becker and her journey toward becoming a Master Cicerone, I learned a lot about beer. One such tasty tidbit: the beer float. On one occasion at Viceroy Snowmass, I was wowed by the flavorful contrast of a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter served up with scoop of house-made Chai chocolate ice cream. And at a recent Boulder Beer pairing dinner, the dessert course was a decadent Shake Chocolate Porter with a scoop of rich chocolate porter ice cream. Honestly, it was as good as any luscious chocolate cake for topping off an excellent dinner — and easily replicated at home.

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