Aspen Times staff wins numerous state awards for reporting, photography, advertising |

Aspen Times staff wins numerous state awards for reporting, photography, advertising

Staff report

The Aspen Times and Snowmass Sun staffs were honored over the weekend at the 141st annual Colorado Press Association conference for their work in writing photography and advertising.

The Times won numerous first- and second-place awards in two state contests: the Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters (CAPER) group and the Colorado Press Association (CPA). The contests were for work in 2018 and are broken down by circulation groups.

Managing editor Rick Carroll’s work looking into the backgroud of the Aspen School District’s former human resources director was recognized in both contests and named the top education story by CPA, with the judges remarking that it was “great work combing through public records to uncover a massive story about seriously questionable behavior by a public official. This is what accountability journalism is all about.”

The Times’ editorial board was named tops in the state in the division. “Great examples of a newspaper keeping tabs on public spending, and holding officials accountable for how money is spent and on whom,” the judges wrote.

The advertising staff’s “Best of Aspen-Snowmass” was named the best special section: “In a category with multiple great entries, this entry stood out the most. Did a fantastic job making this an appealing section to get the Best Of results and appealing layout.”

Other first-place awards in the CPA contest included:

Scott Condon and Anna Stonehouse for “131 years of Cattle Culture” feature on the Cap-K ranch outside of Basalt

The Food & Wine Classic preview was named the best magazine (which is directed by WineInk columnist Kelly Hayes and his wife, Linda)

Roger Marolt for his Snowmass Sun humor columns

Anna Stonehouse best photo essay in the Snowmass Sun for the September festivals

Second-place awards in the CPA content:

Rick Carroll for best business story on “When big companies take a stand” about outdoor companies taking a stand

Ben Welch for news page design and special section for “Striking Silver” when Alex Ferreria won silver at the Olympics

Roger Marolt for best humor columns and also for sports columns in The Aspen Times

Tim Kurnos for best large-space ad for “Pierre Famille”

Erica Robbie and Anna Stonehouse for story/picture combination for their coverage of the disabled veterans winter clinic

Snowmass Sun website

Anna Stonehouse for photo essay in the Snowmass Sun for the JAS Labor Day coverage

Anna Stonehouse for feature story and multimedia package “Aspen Adventure Woman: Who is she?” in The Aspen Times Weekly

The Times’ coverage of the first week of the Lake Christine Fire was named by CAPER as the best spot news in its division, and was named the best website.

The Times was honor for first place by CAPER judges for the following stories:

Scott Condon’s breaking news coverage of the first two days of the Lake Christine Fire

Rick Carroll for “When big companies make a stand”

Scott Condon’s environmental story on local farming, “Pulling one over on Old Man Winter”

Andrew Travers and Anna Stonehouse’s online special package on Anderson Ranch artists responding to school shootings

Aspen Times staff for the best website

Second-place awards in the CAPER content:

Scott Condon’s business story on the impact of older skiers

Anna Stonehouse and Austin Colbert’s photography of the Lake Christine Fire’s first week

Rick Carroll’s investigative reporting on the background of the school district’s HR director

The Aspen Times staff’s sustained coverage of the Lake Christine Fire

Erica Robbie and David Krause’s breaking news coverage of the death of NBA agent Dan Fegan on Highway 82 near Woody Creek

Austin Colbert and Anna Stonehouse’s online special package on Alex Ferreira’s coming-home celebration

Austin Colbert’s sports feature on Wiley Maple’s run to the Olympics

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