Aspen Times readers pick their comics |

Aspen Times readers pick their comics

Aspen Times Staff ReportAspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN Aspen Times readers have spoken. Based solely on their votes, weve chosen which six comic strips will continue to appear daily in the newspaper and which six will be dropped.We polled readers for two weeks at, asking them to help us decide which comic strips we should retain in the print version of the Times. The two weeks of voting concluded on Dec. 3 with Zits finishing as the clear favorite, based on a combination of total votes and how it ranked with voters (readers were asked to rank their picks, from one to 10).Rounding out the top six were: Shoe, Peanuts, Girls & Sports, B.C. and Mother Goose & Grimm.Comics that didnt make the cut include: Garfield, Shermans Lagoon, Mr. Boffo, Mutts, The Quigmans and Zippy.The Times will be reducing its comics pages from two to one before the end of the year. While the reduction is a cost-cutting move, it also allows us to offer more world and national news.

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