Aspen Times launches multimedia series on local pandemic life

The Aspen Times is publishing a new series of multimedia stories online starting Monday at

With a year of pandemic life behind us, the Times is telling the stories of locals we have been talking to over the past year about their key experiences in the pandemic.

Part of the ongoing Aspen Silver Lining project at the Times, the multimedia series tells stories of local people’s personal experiences from March 2020 to March 2021, as life went on amid the pandemic. These will dig into the texture of local life in this historic moment and the community stories that often slip between the headlines.

Monday’s installment, “Life & Death,” includes the story of grief counselor Allison Daily, who tried to apply her expertise to her own mourning process as she lost her husband of 25 years in the pandemic, and of a pair of local moms whose children were born as COVID-19 struck Colorado and have grown from newborns to toddlers here during the pandemic.

Read and watch it at

New chapters will be published daily through Thursday, including stories on milestones like marriages and graduations, experiences with long-term effects of the virus, people navigating job losses and career changes, others finding new avocations and callings, and athletic and artistic inspirations on the pandemic’s rocky road.

Each chapter includes Times-produced video and audio elements along with text stories and photos.

Additionally, the Times recently launched the video series Aspen Silver Lining: Launch Intention, through which we’re asking readers to look back on their experiences and offer their hopes for the post-pandemic days to come. You can view and submit entries at Submissions are open through April 26.