Aspen Times gears up for full week of news coverage |

Aspen Times gears up for full week of news coverage

Aspen Times Staff

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, we’re a changin’ over here at the Times.Starting the weekend of Jan. 8 and 9, The Aspen Times will produce newspapers on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, The Aspen Times Weekly will appear on newsstands on Sundays rather than Thursdays, in a new format.”We believe that we put out the best paper in the valley five days a week, and our community deserves to get that same great coverage seven days a week,” Publisher Jenna Weatherred said. “We also want to provide our advertisers an effective way to reach their clients every day of the week.”The Saturday edition will give Times readers a way to check out Friday’s news and sports in a more timely fashion. Staff members are also looking to make it one of the more innovative reads in the valley.As for the Weekly edition, the move to Sunday should turn out to be a no-brainer.”The Weekly has come out on Thursdays for a long time, but when we asked ourselves why, all we came up with was ‘That’s the way it’s always been,'” Aspen Times Editor Bob Ward said.”We have found that a lot of people already read the Weekly on Sundays – it’s a Sunday morning read,” Weatherred said. “We are going to offer free home delivery in many of the core Aspen neighborhoods on Sunday mornings.”The shape of The Aspen Times Weekly is changing from the tabloid size of the daily to more of a magazine-sized publication. The Weekly will be similar in size to the Times’ Wine and Dine special section, printed on bleached, white, recycled paper.”Frankly, a lot of people don’t know or understand the Weekly, because it sits in these different boxes and, in a sense, competes with our Thursday daily,” Ward said. “We think this change will give it the exposure it deserves.”Readers can pick up the Times Weekly with their Sunday paper in the purple Times daily boxes. Later in the week, the Weekly will still be available in the green boxes.