Aspen Times and Skico have misled the public

Dear Editor:

To the anonymous writer of The Aspen Times editorial on March 15: As a concierge, I have to deal with Aspen Skiing Co.’s lack of transparent lift-ticket pricing every day.

I was pretty excited the other day to read the article concerning the website, where Jeff Hanle is quoted as saying that the lift-ticket price is listed on the website. My colleagues and I immediately looked and searched and were unable to find the current lift-ticket price.

You state in your anonymous editorial that whoever is running that site is false to claim that the one-day lift-ticket price is listed with just a little work on the website. I have to call B.S. on the anonymous editorial writer because it is not, in fact, published.

You can find out the seven-day advance purchase on a one-day lift-ticket price, but as Skico has stated, the lift-ticket price is subject to change based on the ski conditions; therefore, whatever price it is seven days or more in the future is of no use to someone who wants to know what it is today. I wonder what Skico does when someone buys the seven-day, advance-purchase, one-day lift ticket and the price subsequently drops prior to their visit?

Wendle Whiting