Aspen survey: Loosen up downtown…maybe |

Aspen survey: Loosen up downtown…maybe

Aspen Times staff report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN – The city of Aspen loosened up on things like outdoor restaurant seating this summer and then surveyed the business community to see what it thought of the moves. The conflicting results may not offer the city much insight.

Business members of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association received the survey. According to the ACRA, 79 percent of the survey respondents said the city should lighten up on outdoor restaurant seating, but in response to another question, 51 percent said the city could allow more outdoor seating.

Fifty-three percent said the amount of outdoor merchandising downtown was just right, but 59 percent of the respondents said the city should have looser regulations on outdoor merchandising on the weekends.

While 66 percent of respondents said the number of sandwich board signs was fine, the survey also indicated 50 percent of the respondents thought the city should tighten up on the signs, of which there was a proliferation this summer.

The survey showed 56 percent of the respondents enjoyed the additional options offered by temporary food vendors this summer and 40 percent said the city should lighten up on temporary food vending.

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