Aspen stands up for academics

Dear Editor:

We’re sure the Aspen community could hear the collective sigh of relief emanating from the Aspen Elementary School Wednesday morning.

The passage of 3A and the defeat of 60, 61 and 101 has affirmed for us, once more, that it does take a “whole village” to support the expectation that education must be of the highest quality in our schools. Adequate funding for teachers’ salaries and instructional programs, maintaining specialist and special area teachers positions, and keeping class sizes manageable to ensure optimal learning for our students, these are all integral to providing exemplary education.

Obviously, the citizens of Colorado and specifically, Aspen, affirmed through their voting that our students deserve the very best education we can provide with their support. We gratefully acknowledge, on behalf of our students, the efforts of the Aspen Education Foundation, the ASD Board of Education, the Aspen Education Association, ASD Superintendent John Maloy, the AES Parent Teacher Organization and, especially, the Aspen community.

staff, Aspen Elementary School


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