Aspen-Snowmass ski trail signs will honor Warren Miller

Staff report

What birthday gift do you give a guy who has everything? Aspen Skiing Co. found the perfect gifts to help celebrate legendary ski filmmaker Warren Miller’s 90th birthday.

Skico dedicated one trail at each of its ski areas to honor Miller and the 24 films that were partially shot on Aspen-Snowmass slopes. Other ski areas also are honoring the iconic filmmaker this season.

Silver Bell, one of the most popular intermediate trails off the summit of Aspen Mountain, has been temporarily renamed “Anyone for Skiing?”

The Cirque Headwall at Snowmass Ski Area has been dubbed “Higher Ground” for the season.

Racer’s Edge, the screamer at Buttermilk-Tiehack, is being called “Ticket to Ride” for the season.

Aspen Highlands didn’t have to rename its trail. The existing “Steep and Deep” already fit the name of a Miller film.

Skico let its customers know it was honoring Miller on its trail maps for the 2015-16 winter. The trail names weren’t changed on the map, but there’s a blurb about the rededication under the note from Skico Chief Operating Officer and Vice President David Perry.

The “real” trail signs will remain up so visitors won’t be confused. Beneath them will be the special signs with the adopted names and an explanation of the Miller tribute. The commemorative signs should be ready early in January, according to Skico officials.

The film “Anyone for Skiing” came relatively early in Miller’s career. It was released in 1957 and was his eighth production.

“Steep and Deep” came out in 1985, not to be confused with “Steeper and Deeper” in 1992.

“Higher Ground” was released in 2005 and “Ticket to Ride” came out in 2013, after Miller quit directing the films. Warren Miller Entertainment now produces the annual ski films.