Aspen Skico unveils new ski pass options, prices |

Aspen Skico unveils new ski pass options, prices

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN – The Aspen Skiing Co. unveiled ski pass options Wednesday that include a $200 drop in the cost of a Premier Pass for locals, a new five-day Classic Pass, a modified one-day pass called the Flex Pass, and a new $299 Escape Pass that allows skiers and riders to pay as they go – $49 every time they hit the slopes.

Ski pass options have been simplified and made more flexible, according to the Skico. Notably absent from the selection of passes is the old two-day pass that allowed its buyers to ski or ride two days per week. Also gone is the 20-day pass.

This year’s Premier Pass, the full pass that allows unlimited skiing and riding on local slopes, will cost $1,099 for those who are employed by area chamber-member businesses, if it’s purchased by Sept. 18. That price is down $200 from last season. For those who don’t qualify for the chamber discount, the pass will cost $1,499 if it’s purchased by Sept. 18 – a $270 drop, according to the Skico.

Passes go on sale Monday, Aug. 24.

“We recognize that current economic times are difficult and that everyone is looking forward to recovery,” said David Perry, Skico senior vice president, in a press release issued Wednesday afternoon announcing the price structure. “In light of these challenging times, we are introducing this new season pass program based on the principles of more affordability, greater flexibility and simplicity of choice.”

Among the new choices is the Flex Pass, which costs $819 if purchased by Sept. 18. It allows skiing or riding one day per week throughout the season, with the ability to add days for $49 per day.

The Escape Pass costs $299 up front; holders must then pay $49 each time they hit the slopes.

Last season’s one-day-per-week pass cost $684 with the chamber discount, if purchased by the early deadline. It allowed the holder to hit the slopes once per week. Last season’s two-day pass cost $919 with the chamber discount, if purchased early.

A pass buyer who selects the Flex Pass this season and then spends $49 to ski once more in each week of the 20-week season would spend $1,799 for the equivalent of the old two-day pass. A buyer of the Escape Pass would spend $1,279 skiing the equivalent of one day a week for the entire season, or $789 to ski or ride 10 times during the season. In other words, the new pricing structure may lead buyers to simply spring for the Premier Pass if they intend to ski or ride much at all.

The new Classic Pass will cost $249 for adults and offer five days of skiing, according to the Skico. In the past, four- and seven-day Classic Passes were offered.

Go to for the full breakdown of pass prices.

The ski season opens on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26, at both Aspen Mountain and at Snowmass. Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk are scheduled to open Dec. 12.

For more on the new pass options and prices, see Thursday’s Aspen Times.

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