Aspen Skico lift tickets get Louis Vuitton treatment |

Aspen Skico lift tickets get Louis Vuitton treatment

Scott Condon
The Aspen Times

An artist famous for getting the famed fashion house Louis Vuitton to feature cartoon characters on high-end handbags has designed Aspen Skiing Co.’s lift tickets for 2015-16.

Takashi Murakami was a designer for Louis Vuitton for 13 years and earned a reputation for replacing stuffy designs with a colorful and playful style. But the collaboration between the fashion house and artist ended this summer.

Before the split, Murakami had been selected by the Aspen Art Museum and Skico to work on the lift-ticket designs. Skico and the museum have teamed for the past 10 years on Art in Unexpected Places, a program aimed to “bring contemporary art to audiences in innovative ways and in unexpected places,” according to Skico’s website.

The program has included public performances, installations and limited-edition lift tickets by revolving, big-name artists.

While Skico confirmed on its Facebook page Friday that Murakami had been selected to work on the lift tickets, the designs remain secret.

“They are currently embargoed,” said Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle. The different designs will be unveiled in October.

Skico believes customers appreciate the limited-edition lift tickets, though it hasn’t polled them, Hanle said.

“It’s definitely been a topic of conversation,” he said. That’s the intention.

“Not everybody loves every piece of art,” he added.

Last year’s tickets were designed by Anne Collier. They featured three different photographs of the hit record single, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”