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Aspen Silver Lining

Kiira Walsh

Location: Aspen

Connection to Aspen: Grew up visiting Aspen with my family and moved here two years ago after graduating from college.

Age: Just turned a quarter in quarantine!

Relationship: Single

Occupation: Ski coach

What are you doing to cope during corona?

I’ve found fulfillment in setting a routine that is flexible and entertaining, yet consistent and somewhat disciplined. Cooking a big breakfast, running outside, reading, organizing my closet, writing, making playlists, planning projects, checking in on friends and family, reading too much Twitter, etc. I think it is really important that we give ourselves permission to have good and bad days. Not every day needs to feel productive or hopeful or fulfilling. I think leaning into and validating our emotions will collectively help us get through this messy time, as well as bring more self-awareness and empathy to life post-quarantine.

How are you helping others?

Daily texts and phone calls with my loved ones. Always wearing a protective face mask when I go to the grocery store. Trying to make strangers feel acknowledged by saying hello or making eye contact in passing.

What good can come out of this period?

I think there is an overwhelming amount of good that can come from this, especially in the way we care for ourselves and our community. I think the most important thing we can all contribute to life post-quarantine is empathy. The challenge will be consistency.

What’s the first thing you do when things go back to normal?

Group hug 🙂

Jim Guttau

Location: Phoenix

Connection to Aspen: I used to live in Aspen and have done PR work for AspenOUT for over a decade.

Age: 42

Relationship: Single

Occupation: Public Relations Consultant

What are you doing to cope during corona?

Being single and living alone is extremely tough during this time. I actually “got stuck” in the Midwest in March and decided to stay put with friends (a married couple). After week two, we thought to get creative on the weekends and have theme nights. Our most fun one was Speakeasy Saturday in which we each created our own speakeasy in an area of the house — complete with a speakeasy name, signature cocktail and music. My speakeasy was in the tiny, dimly lit attic room, which worked perfect with the theme. My friend’s location was in her closet with a French-inspired ambience, and her husband’s was a Mexican affair with divine tequila. We all said it was one of the most fun nights we have had in a long time. And we never left home!

How are you helping others?

I’m making sure to call good friends and family daily — always a “spirit lifter” to receive a call. In addition, I’ve sent photos and food items via mail to family, especially my grandparents.

What good can come out of this period?

Unification. We are all in this together, and I see so much more support of others in the community.

What’s the first thing you will do when things go back to normal?

I will have a delicious dirty martini at one of my favorite bars in Scottsdale when things get back to normal!


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