Aspen should lead the way |

Aspen should lead the way

Dear Editor:

Is anyone paying attention? Is anyone outraged? If not, go see “Inside Job” at the Wheeler this week. Hats off to the Filmfest Academy Screening committee/Wheeler Film Society for presenting this Wall Street-damning documentary, as well as “The Company Men.” Both films show that it was not those “pesky homeowners who bought houses they couldn’t afford” that threw this country and the world into the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression. It was Wall Street and the mega-banks, in the crime of the millennium.

Foreclosures in Garfield and Pitkin counties have broken all records two years in a row. Attorneys general throughout the country are conducting investigations into big bank mortgage fraud. More than 5 million homes have been seized so far by banks that, in fact, lack legal standing to foreclose, and another 5 million homes will likely be seized. What is happening to all those families? Do you really want to know? It’s a nightmare.

Aspen has long been a leader in instigating change that reverberates throughout the country and the world. Remember the fur ban? The smoking ban? What about justice, truth, freedom? Now is the time for Aspenites to stand up once more and be counted when it really matters.

There has been a coup in this country – an insidious takeover facilitated by our belief in bottom-line profit as the only mechanism to prosperity. This Industrial Age mindset has been robbing our children of their spirits for centuries – creating educational systems that provide the workplace with the “survival of the fittest” mentality needed to operate a competitive economic system.

This entire system is collapsing – look around you – ask those smiling folks behind you at the grocery store what is really going on in their lives. We are like chickens with our heads cut off, running around as though everything is OK. Well, everything is not OK, and the chicken eventually figures out it’s missing its head and drops.

What’s been missing is the heart, and systems with no heart can’t survive. The human spirit will prevail. The “Aspen Idea” is about celebrating, enhancing and integrating mind, body and spirit. There’s a new American Dream waiting – one of cooperation, caring, nurturance, trust. Aspen can/will lead the way. It’s our job, our response-ability.

Go see “Inside Job.” Director Charles Ferguson closes the film with a call to action: “Some things are worth fighting for,” he says, as the camera flies over the Statue of Liberty. Are we going to let our fear rob humanity of the great promise America made in its freedom documents – a Nation of the People, By the People and For the People, with liberty and justice for all? I don’t think so!

Aspen, stand up and do something! Use the power of intelligence, education, wealth and spirit gifted you to ensure that our children and their children have an economic system and a country that serves the realization of the human potential.

Connie Baxter Marlow

Woody Creek

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