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2B: Aspen seeks to make half-cent, open-space tax permanent

Snowmass voters approved ballot measure 2C.
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Ballot issue 2B: Extension of 0.5% Sales Tax for Parks and Open Space asks voters if the City of Aspen should extend the 0.5% sales tax in perpetuity. The funds from the tax will go to the continued purchase, maintenance, and improvement of parks and outdoor spaces. 

The 0.5% tax is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2025, if not extended. Currently, the sales-tax rate in the City of Aspen is 9.30%. That includes state, local, and special district taxes. 

The city’s fiscal-year spending increased 58% from 2018 to 2022, a dollor amount of $69,242,719. 

No voters registered a comment in favor of issue 2B before the deadline for submission to the TABOR notice.

Against, a voter said the existing City of Aspen taxes, as well as the Pitkin County open-space tax, meet community needs.

“It is time to recognize that the open-space acquisition program has succeeded in acquiring key open-space parcels, and, therefore, the parks and open-space funding needs have declined. A 1.0% parks and open-space sales tax producing over $10 million per year is enough to fund the city’s needs.”

Voters registered in the appropriate precinct can vote for or against ballot issue 2B in the general election on Nov. 8. A sample ballot is available at the Pitkin County Elections website pitkinvotes.com.