Aspen schools thrive under Tom |

Aspen schools thrive under Tom

With much dismay, but without much surprise, I read of Tom Farrell’s pursuit of career opportunity elsewhere. The current political mayhem, however ill-conceived and however numerically insignificant, would not dictate otherwise.

The school board gave a vote of confidence and support with the contract extension, and so do I. I parented two daughters through the Aspen school system, both now out of college; and currently two stepsons, both here in school.

In the years since Tom arrived, the school system has changed considerably. Aspen now sends kids regularly to the top colleges and universities in the country, including the Ivy League, great small eastern schools and those in the west such as Stanford.

More importantly, most of Aspen’s kids go to college and they do well. They feel prepared. The school’s environment and attitude are significantly better.

If you want to see an interesting endorsement by the students, come to graduation. Not only is it truly one of the most moving community events, but unlike anywhere else I’ve observed, previous graduates come back in subsequent years to attend.

For the good of the community, I hope the unrest subsides; and the board and Tom both honor the term of the new contract.

David Swersky


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