Aspen School District to send donor recognition survey this week |

Aspen School District to send donor recognition survey this week

The Aspen School District will send the community four survey questions this week to gauge interest in recognizing donors.

The board plans to include a letter with the survey describing how the idea of donor recognition arose as well as background information about how a statewide education-budget crunch is affecting the district.

At Monday’s board meeting, board treasurer Bob Glah presented his revised version of the questions that Secretary Sheila Wills and Vice President Sandra Peirce initially composed. The board didn’t specify a timeline for the survey, but school district administrative assistant Angela Rittenhouse later told The Aspen Times it would likely be sent Tuesday or Wednesday.

After mulling over and tweaking some of the language, the board approved the final four questions, which the school intends to share with the community via letter to the editor in local newspapers. The survey will be done through

The survey questions are:

Should the Aspen School District allow for visible donor recognition of significant financial gifts?

2. Donor recognition takes on many forms. Select the ways that would be acceptable to you for the Aspen School District to recognize its larger donors (check all that apply).

A donor recognition wall

Naming major upgrades or additions to Aspen School District existing buildings

Naming Aspen School District new buildings

Naming campus extracurricular venues

Naming Aspen School District programs such as Outdoor Education, Experiential Education or Aviation

None. The School District should not recognize significant donors

3. From what sources should the Aspen School District be allowed to recognize donations? (Check all that apply).


Family foundations

Living individuals and families

In recognition of deceased individuals

None. Continue with current policy of no recognition for significant donations

4. Do you have anything else you would like to add regarding donor recognition?

Glah said the goal with the last survey question is to be as open-ended as possible, as the board is not capable of imagining how everyone thinks.

In other Aspen Board of Education news

The board motioned to approve Glah’s resignation from the board and officially declared a board vacancy.

As of February 2016, the Aspen School District’s vacancy policy requires any vacant position to be filled within 60 days of formal resignation.

School district administrative assistant Angela Rittenhouse said the community would receive more information this week about the vacant board position and how to apply.

The district’s policy states that qualified individuals must be residents of the Aspen School District, registered voters for at least 12 consecutive months and 18 years or older on the date of the appointment.

“It’s been an honor to serve the community and school,” said Glah, noting that the experience has been “a wonderful education” for him.

Glah served on the Aspen Board of Education from November 2009 to April 2016. He announced his resignation last month, citing a busy schedule of personal and work-related travel in the coming year.

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