Aspen school board candidate Sarah Daniels has been longtime education volunteer

Aspen school board candidate Sarah Daniels
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Aspen school board candidate Sarah Daniels already shares her insights on the board’s plans and budget priorities as a volunteer member of the District Accountability Committee for the Aspen School District. It’s a role she’s dedicated herself to since 2021.

She’s also gotten to know local educators as a board member for the Aspen Education Foundation, which raises money for public school programs. A cum laude graduate of Duke University (she also earned her master’s in environmental management there), Daniels is also a longtime classroom volunteer in her role as “mom” to a seventh- and a ninth-grader attending Aspen schools.

That last role put her trekking through the wilderness as a chaperone for Aspen schools’ beloved outdoor program.

Daniels understands how her professional experience in city planning and environmental consulting gives her a deep appreciation of Aspen’s outdoor wonders.

“Last year, I was lucky enough to chaperone the sixth grade winter hut trip with my son’s class, and I was lucky enough to chaperone the eighth grade Maroon wilderness backpacking trip with my daughter’s grade,” Daniels told The Aspen Times. “The sixth grade hut trip is three days and two nights. … Students telemark ski up to a hut and spend days cooking and cleaning and going to a mountain summit.”

All the kids in Daniels’ group reached the summit despite subzero temperatures and they supported each other very well, she added.

For eighth grade outdoor education, Daniels chaperoned eight students backpacking in the Maroon Snowmass wilderness for five days using a Marble base camp. 

“My patrol was amazing; backpacking isn’t easy,” Daniels said. “We worked on growth mindset over the days in our beautiful wilderness backyard. … We are so lucky to have these programs in Aspen.”

Daniels’ campaign website offers more information:

This is the third profile of the four Aspen school board candidates.


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