Aspen saves Foxy |

Aspen saves Foxy

Just about the time when I really get fed up with the local bickering and petty politics in our little town, something happens to bring me back to remembering why I have lived here so long and how lucky we are to have such great neighbors. Friday, my beloved little dog, Foxy, got away from me and bolted out into the street and was hit by an unsuspecting motorist.

My banker, Kurt Adam, sitting in his corner office at Community Banks was watching us and saw the accident happen and immediately dropped his phone and ran for the street. The motorist jumped from his car and all three of us gave chase, as the sweetest dog in the world took off up Mill Street in a terrified sprint. We could not begin to keep up with this little dog with a broken leg.

The motorist left his car behind in the middle of the street to try and rescue the dog, and felt as bad as I did. Soon we had a call that the dog was at Zele’s in the arms of another good neighbor known only as Amy, who had wrapped the frightened dog in her jacket and was comforting her. Another bystander by the name of Della offered to take my traumatized dog and me to the animal hospital, using her cell phone to alert the doctors we were coming.

The motorist, Kurt, Amy, Della, and Zele’s all interrupted what ever else was happening in their lives at that moment to help a neighbor and his little dog in distress. That just does not happen in Normal City, USA.

Our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks go to all those who did what comes naturally by neighbors in our town. To the driver of the car that hit Foxy (know herein as the motorist), Foxy will make a complete recovery in time, thanks to the skillful hands of the Aspen Animal Hospital. I could see the hurt on your face, and I hope you will not in any way hold yourself responsible. It was not your fault. Thanks, good neighbors.

Jack, Pam, and Foxy Stanford