Aspen retailers draw $72 million in February sales |

Aspen retailers draw $72 million in February sales

Staff report

February retail sales

Sector Sales volume Change

Accommodations $26.5 million 4%

Restaurants/bars $13.4 million 5%

Sports equipment/clothing $6.2 million -2%

Clothing $5.6 million -1%

Food/drug $4.8 million 6%

Liquor/marijuana $2.1 million 17%

General retail $1.7 million 13%

Construction $2.8 million 3%

Luxury goods $1.9 million -38%

Utilities $3.9 million -4%

Automobile $1.8 million 11%

Misc. $1.3 million 14%

Source: Finance Department, city of Aspen

Aspen retailers saw a 2 percent increase in revenue in February over the same month in 2015, according to the monthly sales tax report released Wednesday by the city’s Finance Department.

All told, retailers rang up $72 million in sales in February, which traditionally accounts for 11 percent of annual revenue, data show.

For this year’s first two months, $149.5 million in retail sales has been generated, also 2 percent ahead of last year’s clip during January and February.

The city also reaped $3.2 million from Pitkin County’s sales tax in January and February, nearly identical to the amount generated during the same two months in 2015, according to the report.

Additionally, the city collected $349,134 in lodging taxes in February, up 6 percent over February 2015. In January and February, the city generated $699,042 in lodging taxes, a 2 percent boost over the same two months last year.

Proceeds from the lodging tax are used to promote and market Aspen.