Aspen restaurants, are you kidding? |

Aspen restaurants, are you kidding?

Dear Editor:

When I heard that some Aspen restaurants were suing a dead guy I almost fell over with laughter. When they said it was to make a statement I did fall over.

The only statement this kind of action makes is how over-inflated the egos are here. Then when I heard a local restaurant owner say it’s for the “working people,” I began to weep uncontrollably with laughter. I mean, really, does anyone think that years from now when this thing gets settled a waiter from god knows where will still be around to get his night’s tips (minus the lawyers’ 40 percent)?

If that truly is the case why don’t the bars and restaurants in the suit go ahead and give the “working people” the money now and collect when it’s settled?

D.S. Hall

Glenwood Springs

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