Aspen residents to vote on Armory Building’s future in Nov. election |

Aspen residents to vote on Armory Building’s future in Nov. election

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times

Residents of Pitkin County will have the opportunity to vote on what they hope to see happen to the Armory Building, where City Hall is currently located once the city relocates its operations to Galena Street.

In a City Council meeting Monday night, council members unanimously voted to pass Resolution No. 93, which proposed to include the following advisory question on the November ballot:

“Which use for the Aspen Amory site (current City Hall) do you prefer for a long-range, 50-year plan? (Choose only one.)”

Voters will have the option to check one of two options: “Renovation for Community/Public Use,” or “City Offices.”

The council’s motion to approve Resolution No. 93 follows the city’s Aug. 3 decision to move forward with the Galena Street option as the future site of City Hall.

Staff supported the resolution particularly because moving forward with detailed design will incur significant expense, according to a memo to the council from Capital Asset Manager Jack Wheeler and Public Works Director Scott Miller.

Approval of this resolution will allow staff to move to the next design phase with confidence that the expenditure is for a community-supported solution, the memo said.

Councilwoman Ann Mullins expressed concern with the simplicity of the advisory question posed, and how the city will be able to disseminate all of the information “presented to the public for the last two to eight years so that people can vote well-informed on this,” Mullins said.

City Attorney Jim True said that while there are some ways to disseminate this information, “We do need to recognize the restrictions our code has.”

“I’m fine with the vote, but I think we need to be careful with how it’s written, so that it’s presented so everyone can understand best what they’re actually voting on,” Mullins said.

Wheeler added that he and city Community Relations Director Mitzi Rapkin will be “working together closely” to determine how to best “put the facts out there.”