Aspen post office box yields green surprise |

Aspen post office box yields green surprise

Staff report

The former owner of Johnny McGuire’s Deli received a surprise Thursday when he showed up to collect his mail at the Aspen post office.

The man, who hadn’t been to his post office box in four months, found an envelope in his stack of mail that caught his attention, said Aspen Police Detective Jeff Fain. The envelope had been destined for someone in Ireland and was sent Aug. 17, but the person who sent it neglected to fill out the return address, he said.

So the post office kicked it back to the former deli owner’s post office box Aug. 20 because the signature of the sender was “Johnny McGuire,” Fain said. The former deli owner’s name is not Johnny McGuire.

“I don’t think it ever left the post office,” Fain said.

When the man opened the envelope, which supposedly contained “financial paperwork,” he found a green paste that is likely marijuana concentrate, he said. Police were called to the post office at about 2 p.m.

Fain pointed out that two businesses that produce marijuana-related products are located in the basement of the building where Johnny McGuire’s used to be located, “so I do have a list of suspects,” he said.

He said he plans to have the marijuana concentrate tested and the envelope fingerprinted to try and determine who sent it.

Johnny McGuire’s closed in March and was replaced by another sandwich shop called Stoney Ridge Fridge.

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