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‘Aspen Pledge’ updated to reflect diversity and differences

Staff report

The “Aspen Pledge,” created by the Aspen Chamber Resort Association as a playful set of do’s-and-don’t commandments for visitors, has been amended “to be more inclusive and welcoming and to represent current resident sentiment and the community’s values,” ACRA announced Tuesday.

The Aspen Pledge now goes like this:

“Whether Aspen is my home sweet home, or my home away from home:

I will explore responsibly.

I will prepare for any experience.

I will find adventure, but not venture off the marked trails.

I will carve the snow and not the trees.

I will get lost in my thoughts, but not in the woods.

I will remain in one piece by leaving the wildlife in peace.

I will go sightseeing, while leaving the sites worth seeing.

I will travel by foot, bike, or bus when I can, and drive carefully when I cannot.

I will honor the history and heritage of those who were here before me and preserve the land for those who come after me.

I will accept our differences and celebrate our diversity.

I will be kind to community members of every kind.

I pledge to take care of this little place called Aspen.”

Started in 2018, the pledge is under the umbrella of ACRA’s “How To” campaign and other responsible tourism initiatives, and the new version is in line with the goals of the Aspen Destination Management Plan, according to ACRA.

The Aspen Pledge can be found online at https://aspenchamber.org/pledge . ACRA will be making a donation of $18.80 for each pledge signed, which honors the year Aspen was incorporated, 1880. Those signing the pledge can choose between the Independence Pass Foundation and Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers as the beneficiary organization.