Aspen Planning & Zoning Commission approve Hotel Lenado redevelopment Tuesday |

Aspen Planning & Zoning Commission approve Hotel Lenado redevelopment Tuesday

Fourth time’s a charm for architect Steev Wilson and the group that was given the green light to redevelop Hotel Lenado at 200 S. Aspen St.

Aspen Planning & Zoning Commission approved the redevelopment in a 5—0 vote at its meeting Tuesday.

Despite unanimous approval, “the commission doesn’t necessarily think it is a good project,” commissioner Skippy Mesirow said.

However, the project meets zoning requirements and does not request any height increases or variances, Mesirow said, adding that the commission must maintain and promote transparency among all its proposals.

City staff did not recommend support of the Hotel Lenado redevelopment, which appeared before the Planning & Zoning Commission three times prior to Tuesday’s decision.

Architect Wilson’s presentation Tuesday addressed the commission’s previously stated concerns, including the structure’s height, mass, and overall appearance in context of its neighborhood.

Mesirow said he hopes Hotel Lenado’s redevelopment will serve as a catalyst for change to some of the city’s issues with its land use code.

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