Aspen-Pitkin County Airport community outreach for new terminal set for Feburary |

Aspen-Pitkin County Airport community outreach for new terminal set for Feburary

Rick Carroll
The Aspen Times

The redevelopment process of the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport took another step forward Tuesday when county commissioners were debriefed about the environmental assessment schedule for the facility’s east-side terminal area.

The informal talk, which was part of a commissioners work session, was led by Ryk Dunkelberg, of national design and architecture firm Mead & Hunt. Dunkelberg emphasized that construction of a new terminal on the airport’s east side is the primary aspect of the environmental assessment, which will focus on various potential impacts resulting from the proposed airport overhaul. There’s also the west side of the airport that will require a separate environmental assessment, which wasn’t discussed Tuesday.

“The terminal building is in such need for a redo, it would have to happen regardless of what happens to the west side,” Dunkelberg told commissioners.

The county has been entertaining a series of airport studies for four years as it looks to remodel the facility so it can accommodate a new generation of aircraft and modernize it, as well.

In December, county commissioners lent their early support to a layout plan that would include relocating a stretch of Owl Creek Road and acquiring a small swath of Burlingame Ranch to accommodate the expansion, which would shift the new runway 80 feet to the west and be 150-feet wide.

Dunkelberg said it’s critical to have community involvement over the airport’s east-side project. Commissioners agreed that various civic, environmental, government, business and homeowner groups should have a seat at the table when the community outreach plan launches in February.

“Improving and upgrading the existing terminal building and associated buildings is essential to attract and maintain commercial air service (and the economic vitality it helps provide), while improving safety and being environmentally conscious will allow the airport to continue being an economic asset for our community,” says a memo from airport Director John Kinney to county commissioners.


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