Aspen not on ‘Social Register’ |

Aspen not on ‘Social Register’

Eben Harrell’s article, “A pauper among princes”(Aspen Times, Dec. 31), was interesting reading to kick off New Year’s Eve for 2004.

If Mr. Harrell had used what he learnt and assimilated at Princeton and from his college chum Justin rockefeller, he would not have felt out of sorts among the pretentious folks at the Prada-Aspen affair.

Whenever needed in social intercourse in Aspen, I let the many ignorant know that Aspen is not on the “Social Register” radar screen and that the rich as a group are a small finite number.

Mr. Harrell while at Prada was not amongst America’s oligarchy of power, prestige and wealth that rules. The mere highlighting of Kristen Davis of “Sex and the City” proves my point.

As for Mr. Harrell denigrating Mr. Andre Leon Talley, Mr. Talley has more going on than being a “jester” as Mr. Harrell racist and social inferior psychological projections connive to distort reality.

Surely, Mr. Talley can teach Mr. Harrell how to be a gentleman with exceptional social graces and be a successful businessman that white Eben Harrell fails to achieve even through failed efforts.

There was no need to mention Mr. Talley was black when Mr. Harrell did not mention all the others by color description in his news story including Ms. Davis.

Justin Rockefeller’s family still attend and get married in American churches, Mr. Harrell.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.