Aspen needs Behrendt |

Aspen needs Behrendt

Dear Editor:

Timing is everything! And, the time is now to cast your vote for Michael Behrendt for Aspen City Council! Many have already voted, but many of you are still in town who can be at the polls on May 5. This is the most important city election in many years, and we are in the unique position to bring an active, dedicated and knowledgeable member of our community to the council table.

I had the pleasure of working with Michael when he was on the City Council in the ’80s, when I was the city’s human resources director. I worked for many councils and many different individuals. Michael Behrendt was the best! He knows our community inside and out. He is dedicated to preserving our heritage, and at the same time promoting concepts that will move our town forward and allow us to thrive. He is sincere, hard-working and thoughtful. We need Michael’s experience on the Aspen City Council ” now more than ever before!

Your vote is important. I urge you to cast that vote for Michael Behrendt for City Council.

Patsy Malone