Aspen mulls pedestrian lighting system |

Aspen mulls pedestrian lighting system

Karl Herchenroeder
The Aspen Times
A pedestrian tests the proposed bollard-based lighting system.
City of Aspen |

Immediately following tonight’s Aspen City Council meeting, council members will get a chance to test out a proposed lighting system aimed at increasing pedestrian safety along the Main Street corridor.

Two weeks ago, prototypes for the proposed bollard-based lighting system were on display at two separate intersections — at Main and Garmisch streets and at Hyman Avenue and Monarch Street. Those who attended the demonstrations were asked to fill out a survey. According to a city staff memorandum to the City Council, feedback was largely positive.

In the past, lighting systems widely used in other communities have been rejected by Aspen because of aesthetic, historic and maintenance concerns.

The proposed bollards are short, illuminated posts that will be placed at specific crosswalks along the Main Street corridor. The city has partnered with 3M, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Lighting Research Center and Intrigue Lighting to develop and test the system.

Demonstrations of the bollards took place on the nights of Aug. 14 and 15, with a majority of respondents mostly agreeing or completely agreeing on the overall effectiveness of the system, according to the memo. Many of the survey participants commented on the “brightness” of the lighting system.

The council has identified bicycle and pedestrian safety as one of its top 10 goals. Language of the goal calls for a pedestrian and bicycle priority master plan that can be implemented through phased improvements over the next five years.