Aspen Misc: Poetic musings over current affairs |

Aspen Misc: Poetic musings over current affairs

‘It Isn’t the World — It’s You’

The skies are grim and grey,

The night has lost its quiet,

You fear the coming day?

The world is what you make it,

The sky is grey or blue

just as your soul may paint it;

It isn’t the world — it’s you!

Clear up the clouded vision,

Clean out the foggy mind;

The clouds are always passing,

And each is silver-lined.

The world is what you make it —

Then make it bright and true,

and when you say it’s gloomy,

It isn’t the world it’s you.

— Unknown poet

Jere Rood, spoken from memory


‘Whenever You Can’

There’s a place we all have to go

For a task we all have to do

And we know it by many names

The bathroom, the toilet, the loo

Now whether you squat

Or weather you sit

We all have to go there

To that place to … do it

And whatever it’s called

The can, the latrine, some say the john

There’s a potty in there

For us to sit on

It’s a place to conduct important business

A task to start your day

In the restroom, the toidy … some say the head

That where we get the day underway

But whatever you call it

From outhouses to privies

There’s an essential task to do

Before you pull up your skivvies

It’s a simple chore we all sort of abhor

But it’s necessary in the end

And the tissue required … well, you know

That’s certainly your very best friend

But today, all the toilet paper is gone

Because there’s a global emergency

And people are hoarding it all

In case they should feel that … urgency

Now these are terribly serious times

The world’s confronting a deadly disease

So help lighten your neighbor’s load

Share a role of TP pretty please

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek

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