Aspen Misc.: Aspen Times readers send in their favorite photos

If you have a photo you’re proud of from the area or you take a copy of The Aspen Times on a trip with you, send along your images. Email them to our staff photographer, Kelsey Brunner, at

Longtime local residents Bob Bindseil and Heidi Kowar catch up on their Aspen Times while sailing the Whitsundays in Australia for four days. (Contributed by Heidi Kowar)
Bob and Becky Helmus traveled in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Greece. This photograph was taken in Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artimis an island established in the 9th century BC with a peak of 30,000 inhabitants.(Contributed by Bob and Becky Helmus)
Josh Petersen, Bobby Huber, Austin Hope and Chad Cornish give a thumbs-up for their first climb from Airline Trail to Skyline to Deadline on the opening day of Sky Mountain Park. (Contributed by Austin Hope)