Aspen mayoral candidates give views on local COVID-19 response

Staff reports

Editor’s note: Today is the second question in a series of five posed to the two Aspen mayoral candidates. Their answers (200-word limit) will be published each day through Friday. For more information on the 2021 Aspen municipal election, go to

Is there something you would change to the local COVID-19 public health order?


I believe that we are getting back to the right place with our public health order.

It has been a challenge over the past year to make decisions based on information we were getting from national and state guidance.

The public health orders need to balance protecting the general public, combating the virus and mitigating the impacts on community health.

For the long term, we must develop a way to live safely with the threat of this or other unknown communicable diseases. We need to be precise in our actions and implement targeted precautions that create the ability for us to stay functioning safely for all residents.

Lee Mulcahy

A government that is shutting small businesses is overreaching. In light of incoming packed commercial airplanes? Weight hospitalizations rather than case numbers. Add APCHA threatening evicting a single mom (born and raised here) and her two kids in the middle of a pandemic.

Editor’s note: The rest of the 200-word answer Lee Mulcahy submitted was not pertinent to the question on COVID-19 policy.