Aspen marijuana store Silverpeak to close for two weeks for remodel |

Aspen marijuana store Silverpeak to close for two weeks for remodel

Michael McLaughlin
The Aspen Times
An artist's rendition shows what the scheduled Silverpeak remodel will look like, featuring twice as much space in the cannabis sales area and several stations with educational materials available.
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Customers who frequent Silverpeak Apothecary in Aspen won’t have access to its recreational and medical marijuana outlets for two weeks starting Monday as the shop begins a major remodel.

The remodel should be completed in two months, but the store plans to be closed for only two weeks while a temporary sales area is built in the main cannabis room.

Silverpeak, located at 520 E. Cooper Ave., owns about 2,000 square feet of retail space that’s broken up into three rooms. The front room is used as the shop’s mercantile area and will remain unchanged for now. The back two rooms will be remodeled into one large retail space.

Mike Woods, chief operating officer for Silverpeak, said the current store configuration was designed to allow for some degree of educating customers about responsible buying and consumption. It also allowed for a partition between the recreational side and the medical side of marijuana sales.

“What we found out since we opened for recreational sales in March is that many customers want to know more about the products,” Woods said. “We estimated about 80 percent of our customers wanted to increase their education about what was for sale and how to use it. The new design will not only encourage educating our customers, it will allow them to take as much time as they want and have a hands-on experience.”

The new design will feature several interactive areas where Silverpeak employees will be available to discuss products. There will be kiosks with samples of products and educational materials.

“We want the customer to have a more interactive experience,” Woods said. “We want them to browse, feel comfortable and ask questions. The goal is for our customers to take as much time as they need and shop at their own pace.”

Silverpeak also has four greenhouses under construction near Basalt on the south side of Highway 82, east of the Roaring Fork Club entrance. Those greenhouses will have a floor space of up to 25,000 square feet. If construction deadlines are met, the greenhouses should be ready for inspection and licensing by Oct. 1.

Woods said the store remodel should be completed in early November.

“We’ll have to reduce our staff temporarily while the construction is happening,” Woods said. “We’ll gear everything up as ski season approaches. We’re hoping when the lifts open, we’ll be firing on all cylinders.”